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Land Use Planning

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Land Use Planning

With both public and private sector experience, Nevada City Engineering understands the unique problems facing both individual property owners and local governments. With mutual understanding, the time and money spent pursuing and managing community development can be minimized. We take a common sense approach to land development, with our clients' budget in mind. 

Public Sector Service Sampling

  • General Plans and Master Plans

  • Zoning Ordinances and Specific Plans

  • Project Planning

  • Environmental Impact Reports and Studies

  • Design Guidelines

  • Computer Automation of Project Processing

  • Index and Tracking Systems

  • Land and Resource Surveys utilizing Global Positioning Systems

Private Sector & Entitlement Service Sampling

  • Tentative Land Divisions

  • Lot Line Adjustments

  • Commercial, Industrial, Multi-family, Institutional Site Planning and Entitlement

  • Subdivisions

  • Conditional Use Permits

  • Certificates of Compliance

  • Mining and Reclamation Plans

  • Planning and Environmental Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Agency Requirement Discovery